7132 Hotels

Modern Luxury, Swiss Charm

Indulge in a romance with nature and good design at the luxuriously modern 7132 Hotel in the Vals valley in Switzerland. Arrival at the hotel can be done with dramatic 21st century flair as guests can choose helicopter as a mode of transportation. Bask in the soothing warmth of the thermal baths, designed by Peter Zumthor with 60,000 slabs of Vals quartzite. Time will melt away, along with mundane worries, burdens and cares.

Guests can dine like royalty at the on-site Michelin rated Silver Restaurant. Or, if a casual night is in order, daPapa or Blue offer elegantly modern, yet, come-as-you-are, atmospheres. Retire to the uniquely designed guestrooms meant to reflect different styles and cultures, such as Japanese tea house or a Rothko painting in the Stucco Lustro rooms.

This idyllic location in the Swiss mountains is small, but offers plenty in regards to view and outdoor activities.