Balearic Islands Unique Experiences

The Balearic IsIands Agency for Tourism Strategy (AHIB) is a publlc company that works with the private sector to change in strategy with regard to their tourism product, wilh a firm commitment to quality, discretion, distinction and authenticity. always in keeping with the notions of balance and of peace and quiet, where luxury tourism is the key player. Sine 2010, 95% of the new establishments that have opened on the islands operate in the luxury sector, but our commitment to luxury shown by the Balearic isIands is clear in other sectors, not jusl in terms of accommodation. Marinas, exdusive service companies, haute cuisine with seven Michelin-starred restaurants, wine tourism, oil tourism, 26 golf courses, wellness tourism, etc., together with an unparalleled setting, are all helping to position the Balearic Islands as a leader in luxury tourism in the Mediterranean.