Euphoria Retreat

A wellbeing destination spa in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mystras in the mythical Greek Peloponnese, Euphoria Retreat is a place to reconnect with your inner self and achieve meaningful life change at every level: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Our Euphoria Methodos is inspired by Ancient Greek and Chinese philosophies and healing practices with scientific innovation. At its heart is the Five Elements, an ancient wisdom on human life as reflected in the natural world. This philosophy is the basis of our treatments, retreats, wellbeing programs such as Detox, Weight Loss and De-Stress and reflected in the important role of nutrition which is supported by our patented 3GL analysis & assessment.
Byzantine inspiration with Zen minimalistic design and earthly colors can be found in the architecture, extraordinary Spa facilities and elegant accommodations created with the utmost attention to detail and ensuring stays filled with absolute comfort and sensual pleasure.