Outletcity Metzingen

OUTLETCITY METZINGEN has recently been rated as the No. 1 outlet in Europe by ecostra, a leading management consultancy. With over 80 flagship outlet stores of brands from A like “Armani” via P like “Prada” to Z like “Zegna” the city is a shopper’s paradise and welcomes approximately 4 million visitors from 185 nations every year. 
It is not only the wide range of premium brands or the award-winning architecture that make for a perfect trip. The picturesque town itself, surrounded by unspoiled nature and vineyards invites guests to spend their time in Metzingen.
Metzingen is easy to reach from main airports in Germany – only 30 minutes from Stuttgart or 2 hours from Frankfurt and Munich – and therefore easy to incorporate as a daytrip into your itinerary. We offer special shopping packages with selected hotels and a wide range of amenities to enhance your clients shopping experience - from shopping shuttle to personalized shopping consultation, a style guide or incentive trips.