Qatar National Tourism Council

Qatar is known for its imposing skyline, first class accommodation and rich cultural heritage. The capital, Doha, offers many attractions: the seven-kilometre-long Corniche promenade, mosques, museums, traditional buildings, modern shopping centres, the lively alleys of the souks or wooden sailing ships in the bay off Doha, which recall Qatar's history as a seafaring and trading nation. Just an hour or two's drive from Doha, visitors are presented with a completely different picture of the desert state. In northern Qatar the mangrove forests with their lush green form a strong contrast to the surrounding desert landscape and invite you to a kayak tour. Other natural beauties of Qatar include the 40 meter deep gypsum caves at Dahl Al Misfir and bizarre rock formations reminiscent of a lunar landscape. With the Chaur al-Udaid inland sea in the southeast of the country, the Arabian Gulf penetrates deep into the sandy desert and invites you to take a dip.