SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA is a luxury health and wellness retreat dedicated to improving the health and well-being through the fusion of ancient Eastern disciplines and innovative Western techniques. Situated in the vicinity of the picturesque Villa de Altea (Valencian Community), SHA is located in front of the Mediterranean Sea, in the beautiful Sierra of the Natural Park Sierra Helada. Our Health vision is based on the SHA Method, which encompasses eight important disciplines that will help you achieve an optimal state of complete physical mental, and spiritual well-being in harmony with the environment: healthy nutrition, natural therapies, habits re-education, inner balance, genetic medicine, anti-aging and regenerative, aesthetic medicine, natural therapies, fitness disciplines and cognitive stimulation. The goal of these areas is that after a pleasant stay, the guests feel more vital, younger and healthier, leaving renewed both inside and outside. This provides an essential change in the organism, which helps improve the quality of life and achieving an essential change in the body. All of this is focused on establishing new habits that are beneficial for the health. 
We offer a total of twelve health programs, each of them personalized to meet the needs and goals of each guest. Programs duration are between four nights up to twenty nights. In addition, SHAmadi restaurant offers the most selected health cuisine mixing Mediterranean and Japanese fusions, and it is made with seasonal and natural organic ingredients. Last year SHA added eleven Luxury Residences that offer between 300 m² 500 m², allowing guests to enjoy the SHA experience while staying in an even more spacious and exclusive atmosphere. Since SHA opened in 2008, the greatest success was to help to improve the quality of life of 50,000 people. And this is what we will continue working on in the coming years.