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Managing Directors

Astrid Oberhummer (Owner / Managing Director)

Astrid Oberhummer

Owner / Managing Director

Nobody in the German market knows the luxury industry better than Astrid Oberhummer. For over 25 years it has specialized in this segment and revolutionized the luxury travel market with its ideas and service offers. What does luxury mean and how do you sell it properly? Astrid shares this knowledge regularly in the context of training courses and appearances as a guest speaker. Within the company, she leads the sales team and, together with the team, develops innovative products that provide real value for luxury tour operators and vendors.
Andreas Müller (Owner / Managing Director)

Andreas Müller

Owner / Managing Director

Andreas is an entrepreneur for almost two thirds of his life. A high degree of inner freedom and self-determination are for him the most important leitmotifs as an entrepreneur. He also teaches this to his trainees - because Andreas is a successful entrepreneur coach and neurostrategist in addition to his role as managing director at Lobster Experience. For Lobster he holds all the strings in his hand: what his role models used to be, entrepreneurial mogul Richard Branson, boxing world champion Wladimir Klitschko, Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz and many more, are today friendly partners with whom he works together.

Sales & Events

Anna Katharina Loreth De Argueta (Director of Events)

Anna Katharina Loreth De Argueta

Director of Events

Anna Katharina is a mystery to us. She's just perfect at everything. Fast, structured, forward-looking and always with everything in view, she organizes all lobster events - from the sales dinners to our B2B fair loop. Her colleagues therefore affectionately call her "Johnny Controlleti". And also privately Anna Katharina is a real whirlwind, who prefers to be on the move with her husband and her little daughter, whether on the dance floor or in distant countries. She has gained her professional experience in various 5-star hotels all over the world.
Victoria Mairitsch (Event Manager)

Victoria Mairitsch

Event Manager

Victoria comes from our beautiful neighboring country Austria, where she got trained as a tourism merchant before she moved out into the luxury world. Her experience in the field of banquets and events extends to team management of 30 people. Their mentality, professionalism and joie de vivre have grown on all of our hearts. Together with Katharina and Anna Katharina she rocks our event area.
Julia Weck (Junior Event Manager)

Julia Weck

Junior Event Manager

Julia is supporting our event team since 2019. She actually completed her university education in a completely different field: Business administration with a focus on marketing and healthcare. She gained her first experience in planning and organizing projects during her studies and was able to convince us quickly that she was a real Event-Lobster. She already loved traveling before and so she dared to take the step into a completely new industry in order to combine both perfectly. Her bright and creative nature is well received by all of us.
Sina Guvernator (Head of Sales)

Sina Guvernator

Head of Sales

Travelling the world for over 6 years has the nice side effect of being at home in many places. Sina Guvernator, who is the key contact for tour operators at Lobster Experience, is always in control. Be it as far as new partners and target areas are concerned or as far as an initial consultation of still undecided customers is concerned. Here many threads come together and she establishes the connections between the hotel partners and the tour operators.
Roman Berger (Head of Sales & Marketing Central and Eastern Europe)

Roman Berger

Head of Sales & Marketing Central and Eastern Europe

Roman and the Central and Eastern European (CEE) markets were virtually born. His Eastern European background has paved the way for him to build up a large network and of course also contributed to an understanding of the needs of these emerging markets. His motto: "If they are roses, they will bloom". Besides his professionalism, Roman inspires with his gift for self-irony. He is firmly convinced that self-mockery is the humour of intelligent people.
Lisa Bruckner (Senior Sales and Marketing Manager)

Lisa Bruckner

Senior Sales and Marketing Manager

German in her head, Korean in her belly and a cosmopolitan in her heart - that's Lisa, who travels all over the world for Lobster. Whether at The Breakers in the USA, Ananda in the Himalayas, on Site Inspection or WTM in London, her sales activities go far beyond national borders. A passion that Lisa takes with her on all her travels is food. At the Lobster Kitchen Parties, the Lobster colleagues can also enjoy their culinary skills. Prudent, emphatic and with a cool head, Lisa always swings the sales cooking spoon. This is highly appreciated by their partners.
Alexandra Gäth (Key Account Manager)

Alexandra Gäth

Key Account Manager

After completing her bachelor's degree in Tourism and Travel Management, Alexandra went to China to apply and deepen her language skills in Mandarin. During her holidays she likes to travel in the land of the rising sun. Working in an international environment is one of her strengths.
Catharina Adelberg (Key Account Manager)

Catharina Adelberg

Key Account Manager

Active, wiry, flexible and always on the ball. Catharina prefers to juggle 5 things at the same time, but has the peace of a yogi. She finished her Bachelor of Arts in Tourism, Travel & Event Management in Worms and Australia. In addition, she gained insights into strategic sales processes and quality management in the Thomas Cook Group. In recent years, she has been able to further deepen her theoretical knowledge on her own trips abroad, as well as through various occupations in the hotel, gastronomy, event and adventure travel sectors as well as in trend research. She is fluent in German, English, French and Spanish. Her free time belongs to sport with heart and passion.
Sven Palm (Sales Manager)

Sven Palm

Sales Manager

With Sven, Lobster has caught himself a globetrotter and a real humanist. The trained hotel specialist completed his bachelor's degree in tourism and transportation at the Worms University of Applied Sciences before heading out to the continents on a one-year trip around the world. Exciting people in many cultures, whom he was allowed to meet, helped to deepen his knowledge of human nature. In addition to his tasks as Sales Manager, Sven will therefore continue to passionately build and expand our network. One of his favorite animals, by the way, is the turtle - it is always on the move, but always returns to its roots.
Alexandra Paulussen (Junior Sales & Marketing Manager)

Alexandra Paulussen

Junior Sales & Marketing Manager

Her enthusiasm for the luxury hotel business began very early on. That's why she decided to train as a hotel manageress after completing her A-levels. Her stations include the Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne, the Jumeirah Frankfurt, the Mandarin Oriental London or the St. Regis Mardavall in Mallorca. Today, in addition to her work, she studies Marketing & Digital Media in order to train in the area of Sales & Marketing. Her Mexican roots have given her temperament and passion to make our Alex a lively lobster.
Lars Müller (Trainee Sales Leisure)

Lars Müller

Trainee Sales Leisure

Lars is trained as a tourism merchant and goes through his practice at Lobster Experience. Inquisitive and always helpful, he is a valuable part of the large Lobster transmission.


Annika Schnadt (Director of Communications)

Annika Schnadt

Director of Communications

Since 2013 Annika completes the Communications Team and since then has been passionately committed to ensuring that the partners are looked after to the highest standards and that the team colleagues have a motivated and harmonious working environment. Constantly searching for new possibilities and ways for PR, she develops new, creative approaches and services together with the team. Her recipe for turbulent times: a large portion of diplomacy and open ears.
Friederike Bührdel (Senior Communications Manager)

Friederike Bührdel

Senior Communications Manager

After many moves to different cities such as New York, Vienna and Las Palmas, it is no surprise that Friederike was also attracted to tourism professionally. After an excursion into journalism, the extroverted and lively Cologne native finally discovered her love for PR. For more than a year now, she has been part of the Lobster Communications family, positioning the hotel partners and their stories in the media with great passion and enthusiasm. Friederike has good media contacts and loves the personal exchange with journalists. Always ready and full of energy, she travels the world with and for her hotel partners.
Marie-Therese Wildauer (Communications Manager)

Marie-Therese Wildauer

Communications Manager

For more than 6 years Marie (who prefers to be called Resi) has lived and loved the area of public relations. Born in Vienna, she turned her back on her homeland in 2017 after a three-month journey and moved to Frankfurt. With her open & lively manner and her unmistakable Viennese charm, the Lobster team quickly took her to their hearts. Before Lobster, she worked for a Frankfurt food start-up. Resi is diligent, ambitious and (almost) always cheerful and in a good mood. As a bookworm, you can find her in her spare time mostly in the park with a thick tome and a cup of Viennese Melange (coffee specialty!) or looking for her next destination.
Charlotte Laufer (Social Media Manager)

Charlotte Laufer

Social Media Manager

There is no bad mood with Charlotte. Her humor and laughter resound daily through the Lobster office and are highly contagious. As a newcomer to the tourism industry and a student of the dual course of studies in tourism economics, she is curious to absorb everything that the Lobster team does every day. Her talent for funny short films guarantees Charlotte not only a lot of happy laughs at Lobster but maybe one day also the Oscar... who knows?
Christiane Landgraf (Manager Digital Communications & Online Marketing)

Christiane Landgraf

Manager Digital Communications & Online Marketing

Christiane has been working in PR, marketing and events for over 10 years and is infected with the travel bug virus. She is part of the PR team at Lobster Experience as Manager Digital Communications & Online Marketing and is responsible for the Lobster social media channels. She creates and strategically implements campaigns for our partners and for Lobster Experience. Christiane is also the contact person for blogger relations. In 2016, it introduced its own seal of approval for bloggers who are at home in the luxury travel segment or want to be at home in the future.
Iris Kujas (Communications Manager)

Iris Kujas

Communications Manager

Iris has been part of the Communications Team since 2015 and professionally plans and implements all media and communication activities for international clients in the luxury hotel industry as well as internal communications. She gained her extensive hotel knowledge at the press office of Steigenberger Hotels AG.


Michael Wick (Director of Marketing & Design)

Michael Wick

Director of Marketing & Design

Creative in the service of Lobster Experience since 2008, Michael knows his way around the Lobster Experience universe. No wonder, as he plays a major role in shaping the look and feel of Lobster Experience. Bringing new ideas to life and making them visually tangible is one of the challenges he faces every day with passion. He collects new impulses and new energy on his travels around the whole world.
Bastian Rörig (Brand Manager)

Bastian Rörig

Brand Manager

Travel, culture and discovering new places are very important for Bastian to broaden his own horizons. Also in the marketing department of Lobster Experience, it is important to look at things from a different perspective in order to implement the innovative and creative ideas of Lobster Experience successfully in the long term. Bastian has been responsible for many things in his professional past, from the design to the editorial work of magazines to film productions.
Alexander Bodenseh (Marketing Manager)

Alexander Bodenseh

Marketing Manager

Alexander's specialities are online and content marketing including conception, implementation and further development. Prior to Lobster, he worked for a start-up company in Frankfurt. In addition to his many years of experience in online and content marketing, he is experienced in working with Google Analytics and common SEO tools. As a lobster he is responsible for the development of the new website and all eMarketing processes.

Business Development & Controlling

Lore König (Director of Business Development)

Lore König

Director of Business Development

It does not take many words to introduce Lore. Hardly anyone is as well known in the industry as she is and has decisively influenced and internalised luxury tourism. Her expertise in the fields of sales, marketing and product development are of great importance to us for the further development of our team as well as for the establishment of new quality standards, which in turn constitute the added value for our partners and customers. All this, as well as her always positive, cheerful and helpful manner, make her an indispensable Lobster.
Carolin Witte (Business Development Supervisor)

Carolin Witte

Business Development Supervisor

As a "thoroughbred tourism specialist", Carolin loves the industry and is in daily contact with the whole world by e-mail and telephone. Whether partner acquisition, projects, appointments, CRM maintenance, etc., she easily handles every aspect of business development. Carolin is lightning-fast, forward-thinking, structured and when things get tough again, she's got our boss Astrid Oberhummer's back. One thing is for sure: we will not give her away!
Maike Heinemann (Senior Business Development Manager)

Maike Heinemann

Senior Business Development Manager

Maike has been a pillar of the Lobster team for many years. Starting with the sales team, she now works with Astrid and the business development team to ensure that existing partners feel comfortable and that the Lobster portfolio continues to develop. As an "old hand", she can draw on valuable experience and knowledge and is therefore a reliable contact for all Lobster partners and those who still want to become one.
Alexandra Riedel (Business Development Manager)

Alexandra Riedel

Business Development Manager

Alexandra set out early to discover the world and learn from it. She stopped in Heidelberg for her bachelor's degree in Tourism Management and then moved to sunny Madrid for her master's degree in Marketing. She also found a temporary home in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Malaysia and Australia. She brings her accumulated experience to Lobster as Business Development Manager.
Angelika Bauch (Business Development Consultant)

Angelika Bauch

Business Development Consultant

Angelica is a lobster from the very beginning and a true "sales animal". She charmingly gets every hotel manager or decision-maker on the phone and is therefore a great role model for the team. Her second strength is CRM, which she manages vigilantly and meticulously. It is where the threads of business development come together when it comes to recording all processes and administrative work in CRM. With over 50,000 CRM contacts not an easy job!
Johann Petrow (Senior Operation & Quality Manager, Project Leader, Human Resources)

Johann Petrow

Senior Operation & Quality Manager, Project Leader, Human Resources

SLOW LIFE in the heart and high performance in the blood - Johann has been part of the team since 2008 and remains highly motivated and committed to building bridges. In addition to his four foreign languages, Johann also speaks the four universal languages that are indispensable for the construction of interpersonal and intercultural bridges. As Senior Operation & Quality Manager, he carefully monitors the processes, creates clever systems and is involved in achieving high-quality results.
Vladislav Altbregin (Senior Strategic Development Manager & Controlling)

Vladislav Altbregin

Senior Strategic Development Manager & Controlling

Vladislav could be described as the heart of Lobster. He has insight into all processes around controlling and EDP and is always on hand if the technology goes on strike. He enjoys analytical thinking, so it comes as no surprise that he is the "master of statistics and calculations". His profound knowledge of key business figures is of great importance to the team in many respects. In his spare time he likes to exchange numbers for notes and compose his own pieces of music.
Elza Zlatarska (Financial Controller)

Elza Zlatarska

Financial Controller

For more than two years Elza has been in charge of the finance department of the Lobster Group. She is the linchpin for all operational processes. Her favorite motto is: get it done right away! Her open, friendly nature is highly appreciated by all colleagues. Besides her passion for numbers, Elza is also a passionate hobby chef who likes to surprise with unusual recipes.
Silvia Wichert (Financial Administrator)

Silvia Wichert

Financial Administrator

Silvia completes the accounting and together with Elza steers the lobster spaceship through the galaxy of numbers. Silvia loves responsible and versatile work. She always has a smile and open ears for her colleagues. Her private time belongs to her family and sports - both keep her young and fresh.
Jürgen von Zehmen (Financial Administrator)

Jürgen von Zehmen

Financial Administrator

Jürgen has the size of Vladimir Klitschko and the same effectiveness! As a trained financial and payroll accountant with a high affinity for IT, he is exactly the right person to join the ring for the further development and optimization of our financial systems. Accounting 3.0 lives!