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Managing Directors

Astrid Oberhummer (CEO & Founder)

Astrid Oberhummer

CEO & Founder

Nobody in the German market knows the luxury industry better than Astrid Oberhummer. For over 25 years it has specialized in this segment and revolutionized the luxury travel market with its ideas and service offers. What does luxury mean and how do you sell it properly? Astrid shares this knowledge regularly in the context of training courses and appearances as a guest speaker. Within the company, she leads the sales team and, together with the team, develops innovative products that provide real value for luxury tour operators and vendors.
Andreas Müller (CEO & Founder)

Andreas Müller

CEO & Founder

Andreas is an entrepreneur for almost two thirds of his life. A high degree of inner freedom and self-determination are for him the most important leitmotifs as an entrepreneur. He also teaches this to his trainees - because Andreas is a successful entrepreneur coach and neurostrategist in addition to his role as managing director at Lobster Experience. For Lobster he holds all the strings in his hand: what his role models used to be, entrepreneurial mogul Richard Branson, boxing world champion Wladimir Klitschko, Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz and many more, are today friendly partners with whom he works together.

Sales & Events

Anna Katharina Loreth De Argueta (Director of Events)

Anna Katharina Loreth De Argueta

Director of Events

Anna Katharina is a mystery to us. She's just perfect at everything. Fast, structured, forward-looking and always with everything in view, she organizes all lobster events - from the sales dinners to our B2B fair loop. Her colleagues therefore affectionately call her "Johnny Controlleti". And also privately Anna Katharina is a real whirlwind, who prefers to be on the move with her husband and her children, whether on the dance floor or in distant countries. She has gained her professional experience in various 5-star hotels all over the world.
Victoria Mairitsch (Senior Event Manager)

Victoria Mairitsch

Senior Event Manager

Victoria comes from our beautiful neighboring country Austria, where she got trained as a tourism merchant before she moved out into the luxury world. Her experience in the field of banquets and events extends to team management of 30 people. Their mentality, professionalism and joie de vivre have grown on all of our hearts. Together with Julia and Anna Katharina she rocks our event area.
Natalia Herb (Junior Event Managerin)

Natalia Herb

Junior Event Managerin

Natalia, is an organisational talent par excellence! The trained event manager has already mastered events with up to 2,000 people and now enriches the event team at Lobster. Her experience in project management, her quality awareness, her hands-on mentality and, above all, the fact that she always keeps a cool head makes her simply indispensable for our loops. With new ideas and concepts, she is full of drive and not only manages to positively surprise us every day, but certainly a lot of loopers. As a contrast to her colourful and active everyday working life, Natalia can often be found with a book in her hand in her free time – probably also when she walks different part of the Camino de Santiago alone, as she does every year. Although she has never been to London, she is convinced that it is her favourite city. A loop in London? Well, who knows...
Lisa Bruckner-Daniel (Director of Sales & Buyer Relationship)

Lisa Bruckner-Daniel

Director of Sales & Buyer Relationship

German in her head, Korean in her belly and a cosmopolitan in her heart - that's Lisa, who travels all over the world for Lobster. Whether at The Breakers in the USA, at Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas, to Palmaia - the House of AiA in Mexico for Site Inspection or to one of the FHR Showcases, her sales activities go far beyond national borders. A passion that Lisa takes with her on all her travels is food. At the Lobster Kitchen Parties, the Lobster colleagues can also enjoy their culinary skills. Prudent, emphatic and with a cool head, Lisa always swings the sales cooking spoon and always walks he extra mile for her partners what they highly appreciate. (Lisa is currently on maternity leave)
Roman Berger (Director of Sales & Marketing Central and Eastern Europe)

Roman Berger

Director of Sales & Marketing Central and Eastern Europe

Roman and the Central and Eastern European (CEE) markets were virtually born. His Eastern European background has paved the way for him to build up a large network and of course also contributed to an understanding of the needs of these emerging markets. His motto: "If they are roses, they will bloom". Besides his professionalism, Roman inspires with his gift for self-irony. He is firmly convinced that self-mockery is the humour of intelligent people.
Kristina Sterkel (Sales & Marketing Manager Central & Eastern Europe)

Kristina Sterkel

Sales & Marketing Manager Central & Eastern Europe

Even when it rains outside, Kristina remains a ray of sunshine. Always clever, open-minded and with a fine sense of humor, that is how she goes through life. Together with her colleague Roman, she works on and looks after the CEE market and is specifically responsible for network expansion, new cooperations with partners, tour operator associations, ongoing market analyses, CEE events (loop; road shows) as well as project contracts for hotels in the CEE market. Kristina is an experienced marketing and business development specialist in the travel industry. For more than eight years, she has successfully been working on developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies for world-renowned hotels, NTOs, destinations and destination management companies.
Gitte Hinze (Senior Office Manager Sales)

Gitte Hinze

Senior Office Manager Sales

Many in the industry know Gitte from The Finest Hotel Collection Sales & Marketing Representative Office where she was the office manager for almost 20 yrs. Her energy and presence inspire everyone she interacts with and we are honoured to have Gitte join the Lobster team. In addition to a large network, she brings a high level of professionalism, organizational skills, experience and passion for her tasks, which she acquired in her previous positions with leading airlines and int. hotel companies, among others. As Senior Office Manager Sales she is working on a part time basis in the sales department to support and accompany the team with administration, customer service, office management and with ideas for the future. Gitte is the interface to the other departments and is also responsible for fam trips, webinars and mailings (including the sales newsletter).
Maximilian Charles Münch (Sales Manager)

Maximilian Charles Münch

Sales Manager

"Every goal is achievable, you just have to set it," is Maximilian's favourite maxim to work by. In his pre-lobster life, Maximilian studied business psychology and subsequently trained as an insurance specialist. After a while, however, he realized that the insurance & investment industry did not cover all his interests. His heart beat louder and louder for the tourism industry and the people who work in it. So, without further ado, he changed industries. Unique and emotional - that's how he is motivated by distant destinations, contact with travel sellers, travel providers and, of course, industry events. Most recently, Maximilian successfully served as Business Development Manager at Finest Hotel Collection. For Lobster Experience, he will look after well-known partners from the diverse Leisure portfolio as dedicated Sales Manager.
Martina Gruss (Sales Manager)

Martina Gruss

Sales Manager

Martina grew up alongside the hotel industry and found her passion with it. With name partners such as Brenner's Park Hotel, Hyatt, Shangri-La or Claridge's, she made attention to detail, flexibility and the ability to inspire customers her greatest asset. She has already proven her passion for travel and exploring new places with stops in the Dominican Republic and London, as these are the places where our Martina lived for several years. If she were to describe herself in three words, service-oriented, reliable and outgoing would be the most accurate. She loves to discover and recommend small, hidden hotels, plus: English and Spanish come as easily to her as her mother tongue. Well then: Hasta luego (see you soon!).
Kristin Uhl (Junior Sales Manager)

Kristin Uhl

Junior Sales Manager

It's always good to have goals in mind. Kristin knows exactly what she wants and is ready to give everything for it. So anyone who is served by her has a lot to look forward to! With openness and authenticity Kristin has successfully mastered her professional path in tourism so far and at Lobster she will receive her finish of excellence. She knows the hotel industry from her own professional experience and is also very familiar with foreign cultures and languages such as Spanish.
Vanessa Lassrich (Junior Sales Manager)

Vanessa Lassrich

Junior Sales Manager

If Vanessa were already writing her autobiography at her young age, it would be called "Hungry Vanessa". Her appetite for the adventure of life is huge and so she also plans her career with determination. Her organizational talent helps her coordinate all her goals. Thus, in addition to her professional activities, she is also completing a correspondence course in "Tourism Management". She speaks Spanish and English fluently, and living abroad are also part of her rich experience. In the Lobster Team she will actively support the Sales Team in their daily tasks.
Thomas Hildmann (Produktmanager loop+)

Thomas Hildmann

Produktmanager loop+

oop+ is the latest innovation from Lobster Experience, which builds a virtual bridge to the entire Lobster and loop network throughout the year and provides the community valuable contacts and added value. As project manager for the loop+ platform, Thomas is responsible for the operational planning, implementation and management of the project. He is the interface to the partners involved as well as different company departments such as development, advertising and service. As a private pilot, he is used to keeping control in tricky situations. In combination with his boating license, he could even fly seaplanes.
Jessica Andolina (Junior Event Manager)

Jessica Andolina

Junior Event Manager

As an absolutely cheerful person, Jessica enriches the event team with a lot of energy and creativity. Her training as a tourism agent serves her well, as she knows all about the needs of the industry. Her talent for languages is also astonishing: she speaks German, Italian, English and French fluently. In her free time, she likes to recharge her batteries with sport and yoga, while reading and traveling broaden her horizons. She grew up in Sicily, where she developed her love for the sea and a desire to learn to surfing.
Anna Arnet (Junior Event Manager)

Anna Arnet

Junior Event Manager

With her brilliant master's degree in marketing and her practical experience before and alongside her studies in the fields of (online) marketing and event management, Anna brings essential skills to the table. During her studies, her work as a student trainee and her voluntary work, she discovered and pursued her passion for organizing events, which is why she is delighted to be part of our event team. We agree, because Anna is enthusiastic, creative, warm, solution-oriented and an absolute team player who stands up for others and carries them away with her enthusiasm. With lots of energy, passion and good humor, she ensures that every event is a complete success. In addition to her voluntary work, singing in a choir is one of her many private passions.


Annika Schnadt (Director of Communications)

Annika Schnadt

Director of Communications

Since 2013 Annika completes the Communications Team and since then has been passionately committed to ensuring that the partners are looked after to the highest standards and that the team colleagues have a motivated and harmonious working environment. Constantly searching for new possibilities and ways for PR, she develops new, creative approaches and services together with the team. Her recipe for turbulent times: a large portion of diplomacy and open ears.
Friederike Bührdel (Senior Communications Manager)

Friederike Bührdel

Senior Communications Manager

After many moves to different cities such as New York, Vienna and Las Palmas, it is no surprise that Friederike was also attracted to tourism professionally. After an excursion into journalism, the extroverted and lively Cologne native finally discovered her love for PR. For more than a year now, she has been part of the Lobster Communications family, positioning the hotel partners and their stories in the media with great passion and enthusiasm. Friederike has good media contacts and loves the personal exchange with journalists. Always ready and full of energy, she travels the world with and for her hotel partners. (Friederike is currently on maternity leave)
Yasmin Schober (Senior PR Manager)

Yasmin Schober

Senior PR Manager

Born and raised in one of the world's most colorful and lively metropolises, Istanbul, Yasmin discovered her love for PR while still in her infancy. At the age of nine, she won a large-scale writing competition, and later worked her way up from trainee to creative director at the international PR agency Grayling. Her clients included British Airways, Tourism Kenya and Vueling Airlines. As an enthusiastic communicator and globetrotter, her motto is: Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. In her free time, Yasmin can often be found on a tennis court - no matter where in the world, because one of her favorite hashtags is #homeiswhereatenniscourtis.
Yasmine Hidalgo-Giovannoli (PR Manager)

Yasmine Hidalgo-Giovannoli

PR Manager

Yasmine's interest in foreign cultures has always shaped her personal and professional life and has repeatedly taken her to different places around the world: she has already worked in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Her destiny then led her to Lobster Experience, where she now enriches the Lobster Communications team as PR Manager. She takes great pleasure in intensively familiarizing herself with the partners' topics in order to then prepare them in an exciting way for our media partners. In her free time, she loves languages. Besides German, she also speaks English, Italian, Spanish and French.


Michael Wick (Director of Marketing & Design)

Michael Wick

Director of Marketing & Design

Creative in the service of Lobster Experience since 2008, Michael knows his way around the Lobster Experience universe. No wonder, as he plays a major role in shaping the look and feel of Lobster Experience. Bringing new ideas to life and making them visually tangible is one of the challenges he faces every day with passion. He collects new impulses and new energy on his travels around the whole world.
Arne-Philipp Zaisch (Marketing Manager)

Arne-Philipp Zaisch

Marketing Manager

Arne has immediately won the hearts of our marketing team. Actually no wonder, because as a northern German he brings the perfect mix of clarity, creativity, sociability, reflection and humor. His horizon of tourism is almost limitless ... after a work & travel year in Australia he decided to study 'International Tourism Management' with a focus on marketing including a semester abroad in New Zealand. This was followed by 6,5 years of professional experience at the tour operator vtours in Aschaffenburg in marketing. Including his move to Frankfurt, Arne has lived in 5 states in Germany, on his world map he currently counts 36 countries visited and of course some more will be added, because his motto is: "At least once a year go to a place you do not know yet."  Another of his passions is cooking, which he refined during cooking courses in Thailand, Myanmar and India.
Emilie Krisch (Junior Marketing Manager)

Emilie Krisch

Junior Marketing Manager

Young, fresh and full of zest for action. Emilie started her training as a marketing lobster in 2020 and finished it successfully. She supports the team in all activities related to the production of marketing material for our partners or events. She has carried a creative gene in her heart for a long time and is happy to be able to live out her passion and ambitions at Lobster Experience. She enjoys sports or travelling in her spare time. Discovering new places is at the top of her wish list.

Business Development & Controlling

Lore König (Director of Business Development)

Lore König

Director of Business Development

It does not take many words to introduce Lore. Hardly anyone is as well known in the industry as she is and has decisively influenced and internalised luxury tourism. Her expertise in the fields of sales, marketing and product development are of great importance to us for the further development of our team as well as for the establishment of new quality standards, which in turn constitute the added value for our partners and customers. All this, as well as her always positive, cheerful and helpful manner, make her an indispensable Lobster.
Andreas Wiehn (Senior Director of Business Development )

Andreas Wiehn

Senior Director of Business Development

For years Andreas is a well-known face in the German speaking market and of course also in the lobster universe. He graduated from the famous hotel management school in Heidelberg. His career stations include leading positions in well-known companies such as Inter Continental, Kerzner International | One & Only Resorts or with two tour operators. As an absolute tourism professional, Andreas brings important experience to the Lobster team for the expansion of sales activities, which he uses in different areas. He has been a Lobster since 2021 and was initially successfully responsible for the Qatar Tourism account. Although his roots are actually in northern Germany, Andreas likes to go hiking in the high mountains in his free time. A real summiteer.
Alexandra Riedel (Senior Business Development Manager)

Alexandra Riedel

Senior Business Development Manager

Alexandra set out early to discover the world and learn from it. She stopped in Heidelberg for her bachelor's degree in Tourism Management and then moved to sunny Madrid for her master's degree in Marketing. She also found a temporary home in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Malaysia and Australia. She brings her accumulated experience to Lobster as Senior Business Development Manager.
Angelika Bauch (Senior CRM Administrator & Business Development Manager)

Angelika Bauch

Senior CRM Administrator & Business Development Manager

Angelika is a trained hotel manager and was excellently introduced to the luxury hotel business by her training company Brenner's-Park-Hotel Baden-Baden. She is a Lobster of the first hour! She energetically supports the sales team and jumps right in with a lot of energy wherever help is needed. As our "Terminator", she charmingly gets every hotel director or decision-maker on the phone, always with successful appointment closings. Her second strength is the CRM, which she manages vigilantly and meticulously. Not only is she responsible for all CRM operational training and monitoring, she also pulls together the threads of business development when it comes to recording all processes in the CRM. With over 100,000 CRM contacts, that's no easy job! And always with a smile on her face and infinite patience!
Denise King (Office Manager & Administrative Executive)

Denise King

Office Manager & Administrative Executive

Be the change you wish to see in the world" (Ghandi). This is one of Denise's life's maxims, which drives and motivates her to take things into her own hands and improve them. During her professional career, the trained tourism expert has developed her knowledge and skills through various positions with major tour operators, airlines and travel agencies. In her private life she also likes to invest her life time in holiday trips to deepen her knowledge for destinations and hotels: she can offer special tips for almost every hotel and every destination. In addition to tourism, Denise also has a big heart for animals. Her dog Fini accompanies her to the office every day and enchants all lobsters.
Jasmin Arnold (Operational Quality Manager & Assistant to Owner)

Jasmin Arnold

Operational Quality Manager & Assistant to Owner

As Executive Assistant, Jasmin holds one of the most multifunctional positions at Lobster for appointment scheduling, project manager, social media consultant, accounting support, travel management, database, and more. It is her challenge to master any task, no matter how seemingly impossible, to know the answer to every question, and to act with ease and a smile - the art of mindful multitasking. All of this in the pursuit of high-quality management for the team. When she is not with Lobster, Jasmin likes to travel and always has her camera at her fingertips.
Lisa Best (Administrative Executive)

Lisa Best

Administrative Executive

She came, she saw and jumped right in - Lisa Best supports our Dream (Admin) team perfectly with her full energy and her positive and cheerful nature. After graduating in German Studies in 2022, Lisa already had a taste of the gastronomy & hotel industry as a clerk and proved her hands-on mentality. Highly committed, always motivated and always in a good mood, she makes her Lobster colleagues smile all day long. Her self-reliant attitude towards life and her naturally calm and caring manner score points throughout the team. She shows tact and sensitivity not only in her dealings with customers, service providers and colleagues, but also with her "green thumb" when it comes to plants. So when she leaves her flat with her husband, two cats and her plant idyll, she likes to travel the world. Her goal is to have been to all seven continents of the world at least once - currently she can already tick off three continents and the next one is already being planned.
Johann Petrow (Senior HR & Potential Manager Project Leader)

Johann Petrow

Senior HR & Potential Manager Project Leader

SLOW LIFE in his heart and high performance in his blood - Johann has been an important part of our team since 2008 and is still highly motivated and committed to building bridges. In addition to his four foreign languages, Johann is also proficient in the four universal languages, which are indispensable for building interpersonal and intercultural bridges. As Senior HR & Potential Manager, he is permanently searching for qualified personnel as well as unique personalities and helps the existing team to achieve the best version. In his role as Senior Operational Quality Manager, he also keeps a watchful eye on processes, creates clever systems and reaches out a hand when it comes to achieving high-quality results.
Maike Bielefeld-Heinemann (Business Development Manager)

Maike Bielefeld-Heinemann

Business Development Manager

Maike is one of the Lobsters from the very beginning. Whether on sales calls, fam trips, countless trade fairs ... she has been in the Lobster universe since 2011 and has built up a large network over the years in addition to priceless memories. After a parental leave break, she returned to Lobster and now brings back all her radiance and energy to support the sales team. Privately, Maike enjoys traveling the world and going on road trips with her family.