Exceptional events to build up efficient business relationships

loop is the only luxury travel fair in the German-speaking and Central and Eastern European markets which offers international luxury hotels and touristic suppliers a high-end platform. Here you build up efficient business relationships. Your choice.

loop brings the right people together at only one place and creates a community in which travel agencies, niche tour operators and suppliers of the luxury tourism find the right place. The concept of the fair is designed for an increase in turnover and for the compression of time resources. To achieve the same amount of appointments as at loop, the participants would usually need half a year and enormous travel costs. Your time

loop is no usual travel fair. It is an exceptional event which stands for efficiency and professionalism. As a supplier, you take advantage of the premium contacts with whom you network and which you also take into your personal network. Your success.

loop – the best Return on Investment in a high end surrounding

Our mission is serious and proved most time effective: only carefully curated buyers & suppliers of the very premium level meet here to do serious business and connect with only the best from the markets.

There is no compromise at any level so loop stays boutique-sized and opens a high-quality network together with true opportunities to come as a client and leave as a friend.

The evenings are designed of ample networking opportunities at most memorable & fun evening events. loop opens the door to venture into key markets featuring tremendous potential for sales missions. There are several touchpoints throughout the year to stay connected with the loop community and manifest grounds in the markets as well as enjoying benefits.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of buyers attend loop?

Our buyers are all dedicated to luxury travel and generate significant revenues in this segment. loop is mainly about the leisure market, but as many of our buyers are also allrounders or form part of larger associations, some are also dealing with MICE or corporate business. For the German-speaking market, the buyers originate from all over Germany (~80%), Switzerland (~15%) and Austria (~5%). For loop Prague our buyers originate from 15 different countries forming the Central & Eastern European market.

What does the loop line-up like?

We strive for a share of ~50% short-haul and ~50% long-haul suppliers. The exhibitors come from the high-end travel & lifestyle segment. Our line-up consists of individually-owned hotels, hotel brands, airlines, cruise lines, tourism boards, inbound tour operators, private jet charter operators, shopping centres, destination Spas, luxury yacht charters and many more.

How does loop ensure the best line-up for the buyers?

We only allow the finest, high-end products to exhibit at loop and we carefully select these based on our long-term experience and industry knowhow. Furthermore, we have limitations in terms of the number of participants per destination.

How are the appointments scheduled?

loop takes care about the entire appointment scheduling, we coordinate over 9,000 meetings in the course of one loop edition. The matching between suppliers and buyers is based on our long-term experience as well as on our close relationship to all attendees and our knowledge of their needs.

What is the difference between the two loop editions for the German-speaking market?

Besides their respective locations, there is no actual difference in programme between the two editions. Both abide by the same proven concept and stand for the same quality. However, since the buyers at both loop shows for the German-speaking market only have a minimum overlap in terms of buyers, many exhibitors actually attend both loop shows to secure a maximum coverage in these attractive markets.

May a slot be shared or used for more than one product?

The one-to-one focus between buyers and sellers represents one of the success pillars of loop. Sharing a slot is certainly permitted. However, one should always keep in mind that you only have 15 minutes per appointment in order to convince and inspire each buyer. As a result, we strongly recommend to limit to a maximum of three (3) the number of shared products or services by a single representative.

Is hotel accommodation included in the rate?

The accommodation has to be booked and paid separately. Our team is always on hand to assist you with your reservations. However, rest assured that we have blocked a sufficient number of rooms at preferential prices at the respective hotel venues.

Why is it important to attend loop for the whole duration of the show?

Leaving the loop show early would seriously complicate the appointment schedule. Moreover, you would not be able to fully benefit from our proven loop programme or secure a maximum return on investment (R.O.I.).

Is there a certain registration deadline?

We handle all registrations on a “first come, first served” basis and, as explained above, we have certain number limitations in terms of participants from a specific destination in order to maintain an overall, well-balanced show experience. As a result, we recommend to sign-up soonest in order to avoid possible disappointment at a later stage.

How is loop different compared to other trade shows?

loop is both an ideal business and networking platform – boutique size to avoid long walks and waste of time in between the meetings, highly effective one-to-one meetings, carefully vetted and selected buyers, a very personal approach throughout, numerous networking opportunities, memorable evening events, etc. are just some of the USPs that form the base of the tremendous loop success. Additionally, loop stands out with its clear focus on only two distinct and most attractive markets: the German-speaking market and the Central & Eastern European market.

Is it possible to invest in loop for further visibility for a product/brand?

Yes, several, effective ways of sponsoring are offered to create further awareness. Please contact us individually with your wishes as well as an indication of your budget and we’ll gladly explore the various possibilities together with you.

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