Heritance Aarah, Maldives

Heritance Aarah, Maldives A Premium All Inclusive Indulgence! The refreshing breeze, breathtakingly beautiful sights of the pristine beaches and the sound of crystal-clear waves lapping the shores are just the bare minimum that the archipelago of Maldives offers to please your senses. From the moment you reach the Male International Airport, your getaway from the hustle of the modern city will begin as you are transported within 40 minutes to our Premium All-Inclusive, all-villa property Heritance Aarah and the magnificent views from the seaplane are just a hint of what’s in store for you and your loved one. Heritance Aarah is well known for its exquisite variety of culinary offerings crafted by the resort’s team of experienced chefs and medalists of the Culinary Olympics 2020. Indulge in extraordinary cuisine in six restaurants offering tastes from around the world or quench your thirst with the largest selection of rum and creative cocktails at our five well-stocked bars. At Heritance Aarah, there is no limit to comfort and relaxation. Medi Spa, being the first of its kind in the Maldives offers both pampering and wellness treatments in six treatments rooms, for guests to choose from. Let your children enjoy themselves in the kid’s club and teens activity room and look out for the Naughty Kart roaming in the island with special treats. While they have fun, you can engage in a complimentary dive and other water sports or explore the Maldives with cruise tours and island visits. A realm of complete relaxation and an exceptional variety for every taste, the Premium All-Inclusive offering is the perfect indulgence to your island escape – the choice is yours! Add Heritance Aarah to your wish list – www.heritancehotels.com/aarah