The loop DNA

Unlike usual luxury travel trade shows, loop is not some standalone event. It is a most successful, one-stop platform and community that enables you to connect with only the finest, high-end travel designers, tour operators and media in order to fully cover the attractive German-speaking and/or the Central & Eastern European markets.

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All year around

loop is not a ‘one-time a year’ event. Well on the contrary, loop has developed into a pro-active community that offers you numerous opportunities, key market events as well as services to connect with the finest buyers and media of your choice throughout the year.

Whether you wish to follow-up your participation in one of the loop shows with a dedicated action targeting the finest buyers from a specific region and/or strengthen your presence in another region through a specific service, there are absolutely no limits. All is possible throughout the year at the pace and budget of your choice.

Enjoy being part of this exciting community all year round to drive the results you want, when you want them.

loop luxury fair media partner 2020

What is a good story if nobody talks about it? We are proud to partner with the No 1 luxury travel magazine in the German speaking market throughout all loop events in 2020. Benefit from exclusive coverage and advertisement opportunities as a looper and connect your audience from these markets to the best luxury travel spots on the globe. Connoisseur Circle is the only German-language magazine that exclusively addresses luxury travelers. Contact us and find out more at ccircle.cc


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