Borgo Egnazia & Masseria San Domenico

Borgo Egnazia is located in Savelletri di Fasano, in Puglia, where the hills of the Itria Valley gently fall away to the blue Adriatic Sea. This wonderful place is inspired by the shapes, materials and colours of a typical Puglian village. Here uniqueness and authenticity blend together to create something new and special, which combines the most genuine local traditions with services of the highest level. Borgo Egnazia is the perfect place to look for new inspiration and discover how to make wellbeing part of your life, in harmony with nature and the local culture. A unique destination where you can experience a regeneration for yourself and for the area in which you are, with a positive impact that goes beyond the travel experience. A surprising journey towards renewed happiness and an indispensable wellbeing for body and mind, thanks to the perfect combination of local traditions and the continuous search for innovation. Every day of the year, in all seasons, Borgo Egnazia offers a complete vision of wellbeing integrated in every moment of the trip, in synergy with a style of hospitality based on local and authentic experiences. It’s Borgo Egnazia. It’s Nowhere Else.

Masseria San Domenico means luxury of silence and sheer beauty.
Surrounded by 60 hectares of ancient olive groves and orchards, the main building is set in a former Templar watchtower dating back to the 15th century and originally used by the Knights of Malta to guard against the Saracens. Centuries later, the fortified building and the land around it were converted to be used as a farmstead, or Masseria: a landmark of the Puglian region and active hub of rural life, culture and traditions passed down from one generation to the next. In 1996, following a careful restoration completed respecting old shapes and original building materials, including the olive oil mill still active to these days, the Masseria was converted into a 5 stars deluxe resort, top choice in Puglia according to "Leading Hotel of the World".
Masseria San Domenico is an authentic quiet retreat: the fortified building provides complete privacy, peace and relax, a special privilege just like Nowhere Else supported by a personal service and first class facilities like the salt water outdoor pool encircled by natural rocks, the first class swimming pool surrounded by olive tree groves and the private beach club.
Furthermore, Masseria San Domenico is home to a Thalassotherapy Spa. The term "thalassotherapy", from the Greek "thalassa" meaning sea, refers to a variety of treatments (from traditional to most unusual ones like the Kneipp Path, “Bouillonant” bath or hydrokinesitherapy) based on the use of seawater, which is granted by a deep underground stratum sitting at about 400 meters below sea level and completely purified by means of filters.